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MHF prostate report proves men can act

New MHF prostate reports shows men will address embarrassing problems given the right circumstances: Out of the water closet is a project to increase men's awareness about prostate health in a workplace setting

This report is for everyone who is interested in promoting men's health in the workplace. It describes the findings of a six-month research study which explored men's understanding of prostate health, their intentions about seeking help if they had a problem and their attitudes towards the promotion of men's health.

The study involved 2700 men working in Royal Mail businesses, who were sent a postal questionnaire before and after a health promotion campaign at work. The report challenges the myths that men are not interested in their health and are not prepared to address potentially embarrassing issues at work.

Primary care staff and public health specialists are urged to adapt their practice so that it is 'male-friendly', and to find ways of reaching men in the workplace.

Page created on June 6th, 2003

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