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Evidence and Need now available online

Why is men's health still not getting the resources it needs?

An important new report has found that competing issues and priorities and a lack of staff and funding continue to conspire to keep men's health off the agenda. When men's health work is prioritised it is often by default rather than because it is seen as a strategic priority, the report argues.

The report 'Men's Health — Evidence & Need' is the final stage of a three year grant made in 1999 to Community Health UK (CHUK) by the Department of Health to develop the Men's Health & Wellbeing Network (England). The aims of the project were to:

• assess men's health needs

• share information, experience, and ideas on men's health

• develop local action plans for men's health

During the final year of the project a series of one-day events was held across the country, and the report provides the evidence gathered from those one-day events; updates on what the projects are doing now; contacts for further information about the projects; and makes recommendations on improving men's health.

Events were held in towns and cities across England including; Brighton, Bristol, Colchester, Durham, Hull, Leicester, Newcastle, Sheffield, Wolverhampton, and London. The events were aimed at bringing both members of the local community and health professionals together to explore developing men's health at the local level and to begin to drive forward men's health as a local strategic priority.

To complement this a series of workshops, seminars and conferences were also held across the English regions to develop Networks to support health professionals interested in developing men's health.

The project funding comes to an end with the publication of the report, though this is not the end of the work. The Men's Health Forum and related organisations will continue to promote a better understanding and will continue to campaign on the issues of men's health.

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