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Our new mag MHF is, like our MPs, getting fatter

The second issue of the Forum's magazine MHF is out this week.

Weight is the theme with Dr Ian Campbell, chair of the National Obesity Forum, arguing that men must be given specific consideration in public health strategies on weight loss. He points out that men's propensity to put on weight around their waists is particularly dangerous when it comes to heart disease.


The magazine, which is free to members, also features an exclusive survey of MPs carried out with the All Party Parliamentary Group on Men's Health, suggests that, despite MPs' exposure to Department of Health guidelines, a lifestyle based around endless meetings, late nights and hastily-eaten meals eventually takes its toll - 60 per cent of the male MPs responding to the survey thought they were overweight. You can read the full story on this website next week.

One of the benefits of Forum membership is a free copy of MHF. If you're thinking about joining, now's the time. MHF magazine increases in size from issue three. This edition will focus on men and cancer and will be published just before National Men's Health Week (14-20th June).

Also new from the Forum this week:

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