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Breaking ground in Bradford

The Health of Men (HOM) network in the north-east of England has published its first year report.

A growing body of individuals, groups, charities, businesses and voluntary organisations, the present HOM project is a five-year initiative, financed by the New Opportunities Fund, to address men's health and the inequalities which result from its historic lack of attention across the Bradford and Airedale district.

The report is a comprehensive document full of groundbreaking initiatives that have already achieved a high community profile. HOM's key partners are the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council, the four Primary Care Trusts serving the are (Bradford City PCT, North Bradford PCT, Bradford South and West PCT and Airedale PCT), Education Bradford, Health Development Service, Worksafe, Sangat Community Association and Leeds Metropolitan University.


Alan White, who is chair of the MHF's trustees and Principal Lecturer in Nursing at Leeds Metropolitan University called the report an 'impressive read!' You can download it below (PDF) and see for yourself.

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