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Let's choose health together

The Men's Health Forum is calling on members to help develop its response to the government's latest consultation on public health.

The government has recently announced a consultation to inform the content of the new Public Health White Paper, Choosing Health, due to be released later this year. A broad range of interested organisations and individuals, as well as the general public, has been invited to become involved.

The MHF's Robbie Porter said: 'The Forum is interested in hearing your views on how the health of boys and men in England and Wales can be addressed in the forthcoming public health white paper.

'The Men's Health Forum recognises the importance of contributing to a policy that is likely to have far-reaching and long-term consequences for the health of boys and men. Furthermore, we feel it is vital that our members and other interested individuals and organisations be given the opportunity to feed into this process.

'It is likely that users of this site come from a wide range of professional backgrounds and interests. Many will work in the field of health improvement, and will be involved in working with local communities with a diverse range of needs. It is vital that this experience is used to inform the new policy agenda.'

Download details of how you can help below. We would be very grateful if you could send us your views by no later than 4th May.


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