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Men's Health Week resource pack now out and available online!

The Resource Pack for men's health week 2004 which takes place next month is now available online.

The Pack, dedicated to the week's theme of men and cancer, is a fantastic resource whatever event you're planning for the week. It also includes several sections from the Men and Cancer Manual written by Ian Banks with all the leading cancer charities which will be published during the Week.

The resource pack is so big that the easiest way to get it is still to register for the week and receive it by CD in the post but with the week barely a month away, downloading it may be quicker. Having said that, you'll want a good, fast internet connection.

To help you decide what's best, we have also set up a separate site - - so that you can also view the Pack online just like a website. It may not be fully-functional in all browsers nor its design as user-friendly as on the CD but it will enable you to see what is there.

Hope you find the pack useful and enjoy the Week. Click on Men's Health Week above for more information or to register or download the pack. If you have any questions about the Week, submit them below...

Page created on May 6th, 2004

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