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NHS backing for our site

The Forum's health information website for the 'man in the street' has earned what is arguably our best online accolade yet.

Malehealth has won not an award this time but something potentially far more valuable — the support of the Department of Health.

The Department has made a substantial section 64 grant which both secures the survival of the site and lays the financial foundations for its future development. It is payable over the next three years.

Site editor Jim Pollard said: 'the value of this grant goes way beyond the financial, the support of the Department of Health gives us an official stamp which underlines as an authoritative and reliable site. With the internet so chocker with rubbish, users need a recommendation they can trust. To be recommended by the NHS is probably the best a health site can get.'

The Forum is urging all visitors to this site to tell their male colleagues, friends, patients and clients about malehealth. Send the site's ecard, for example. Or send your own email.

The number of unique visitors to malehealth has doubled in the past year to over 40,000 a month. The Department clearly saw this as evidence of a clear need among men for this sort of site. 'We've always tried to offer fast, free independent information,' said Jim Pollard. 'Now we can offer more of it as we strive towards being as comprehensive as possible. No site can truly cover everything but malehealth is that only site that is even trying and this grant will help considerably.'

Visit malehealth at and let us know what you'd like to see on the site in the future. We're putting the budget together at the moment so there'll never be a better time.

Page created on May 17th, 2004

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