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The countdown to Men's Health Week begins...

The media contacts for the third National Men's Health Week (NMHW) have been announced. The week, which will run from 14-20th June 2004 with some 1,500 events expected to take place across England and Wales, focuses this year on 'Men and Cancer' and covers all cancers  - not just those that are male-specific. NMHW is focusing on cancer as it is now the biggest single killer of men. (One man in three will receive a diagnosis of cancer at some point in his lifetime and one in four will die from the disease.)

Harrison Cowley has been appointed to undertake PR activity on behalf of Men's Health Forum. Their contact detaiils appear below.

NMHW aims to raise the profile of men's health generally as well as to increase men's awareness of cancer prevention — this includes smoking cessation and dietary changes. The Men's Health Forum (MHF), which organises NMHW, also seeks to encourage men to be more symptom aware with the goal of encouraging them to seek medical advice sooner.

NMHW 2004 will be the second international week with activities taking place in Australia, Austria, Canada, Hong Kong, Denmark and the USA.

Peter Baker, Director of Men's Health Forum said: "The first two NMHWs in 2002 and 2003 succeeded in generating huge new interest in men's health among the public, professionals, politicians and the press. This has provided us with a strong foundation for NMHW 2004.

"Whilst the week will focus on increasing men's awareness and knowledge of cancer and the associated risk factors, it also aims to stimulate the development of better cancer prevention services aimed at men”.

The MHF is providing information and resources to underpin activity being undertaken by local organisations, such as PCTs, local authorities, prisons and workplaces, as well as undertaking national initiatives in order to provide a focus for publicity to increase awareness of men's health issues among politicians, policymakers and health professionals.

The MHF, in partnership with publishers Haynes and a wide range of charities and other organisations, will be publishing a definitive cancer guide, in the style of a car maintenance manual, for NMHW.

For all press information or spokespeople,

please call Tracey Grannum, Nick Hamilton or  Rhys Hurd on 0207 404 6777 or e-mail on

Men's Health Forum Scotland is organising a parallel Week - for further details contact: 0141 201 4889 or email

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