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DPP launch DIY cholesterol campaign

Developing Patient Partnerships are targeting men with high cholesterol with the riddle: why is having a healthy heart like painting a room? Answer: because you can do it yourself.

DPP DIY cholesterol posterAlthough high cholesterol is the biggest risk factor for developing CHD, few people understand the link. According to DDP's new research report Working Lunches almost three quarters of us (72%) do not know what a healthy blood cholesterol level should be. (It's 1.4 - 2.2 g/l.) Over a third (37%), rising to almost half in the manual workers group (43%), admit that they do not know how to tackle high blood cholesterol.


A new DIY style leaflet has been developed that outlines easy steps people can take to control their cholesterol as well as a poster and sample recipes from celebrity chef Anthony Worrall Thompson. Over 150,000 copies of the leaflet have been distributed to DPP member GP surgeries while factory workers at Peugeot in Coventry have also received a copy of DIY Cholesterol Control leaflet.

Dr David Wrigley, heading up the DIY Cholesterol Control campaign for the DPP says: "Almost two thirds of the adult population have raised blood cholesterol and yet the majority of people are unaware that it is a threat to their health.  The results of the research among lower socio economic groups is particularly worrying, with data to suggest that this group is more likely to die from the UK's biggest killer.

'To address the gulf in understanding and knowledge, we need to increase access to information about cholesterol and its implications on health.  By simply keeping a check on the saturated fats in the foods we eat every day, it is easy to take control of our cholesterol levels — and safeguard our heart health.'

The aptly named Dr John Reckless of Cholesterol UK concludes: 'High levels of cholesterol in the blood is the single greatest risk factor for CHD, responsible for almost half of all CHD deaths. Cholesterol is also a cause of stroke, and a particular risk factor for people with diabetes and who are obese. Most people can help lower their cholesterol level through a few simple changes to their eating, exercise and lifestyle habits.'

You can download the Working Lunches report and the leaflet below while hard copies of the leaflet are available in batches of 50 to Forum members by contacting


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