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Help promote award-winning website 

Malehealth, the MHF's website providing fast, free health information for men of all ages, has won the Website of the Year 2004 award in the Royal Society of Medicine/Society of Authors' Medical Books Awards.

Last year, it earned a similar acclamation from the British Medical Association. 'On top of the BMA Award, this is a fantastic achievement. I was proud to accept the Award from author A.S. Byatt,' said the MHF's director Peter Baker.

Site editor Jim Pollard said: 'The awards are a great boost for the site and a tribute to its quality but they don't mean much if men don't know about us. The problem is that we simply don't have the resources to advertise the site.'  He, Peter and MHF president Dr Ian Banks appealed to supporters of the Forum to help spread the word.

You can help the site in many ways:

  • - by visiting it. It already attracts 40,000 unique vistors a month.
  • - by signing up for its newsletter. The monthly newsletter lets you know about new updates, news and features and allows you to enter our regular competitions. The more people whom sign up, the easier it is for the site to sell adverting and sponsorship.
  • - by including malehealth's address as a link on your website: - fast, free independent health info for men of all ages from the MHF. (Royal Society of Medicine Website of the Year 2004.)

  • - by telling everyone you know about it. Clicking here will download an RTF (rich text format) file which you can paste into an email and send to your friends and colleagues.
  • - by clicking here, you can find out about other ways you can help the site.


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