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Want to be an MHF health blogger?

malehealth blog spot screen grabWould you like to share your health thoughts and experiences with the world?

As regular readers of our sister site which provides fast, free independent health info to men of all ages will have noticed, we've had men writing 'blogs' throughout the last month around the subject of Men's Health Week in June, men and weight. You can read them here.

A blog - it's short for 'web log' - is a sort of online journal or diary, perfect for sharing your everyday thoughts and expereinces with everyone out there in cyberspace. We've set it all up with so that all the bloggers have to do is send a simple email and it appears on the page. It's that easy.

I'd like to get more blogs going on all sorts of men's health related subjects both on malehealth and on this site which is where you come in. If you'd like to write a blog let me know.

Perhaps you've recently had an operation or been diagnosed with a health problem. Perhaps you're dealing with a new situation - new job, home or relationship - which can have an impact on your health. Perhaps you've joined a gym or weight-loss group or are doing something else to improve your health. Perhaps you're working on a pioneering new project. Perhaps your a health professional who'd be happy to share your day and your thoughts with the rest of us. I could be tempted by pretty much anything,  after all, everything we do in life affects our health in some way.

If you're interested, contact me using the feedback box below. Look forward to hearing from you.

Meanwhile you can catch up on our current bloggers on malehealth here

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