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Bowel screening programme at risk

The  Forum has written to the Health Secretary asking for urgent clarification about the Government's plans for a National Bowel Cancer Screening Programme following speculation that the roll out could be at risk because of the current health spending freeze.


In his letter, Peter Baker, Chief Executive of the Forum, says the speculation has caused a great deal of anxiety and that any further delay in confirming funding will be hugely detrimental.


He adds: 'You may be aware that Men's Health Forum research has found that men are disproportionately affected by cancer and more likely to die as a result of the disease. This is true for bowel cancer (especially cancer of the rectum) as well as for almost all of the other common cancers that both men and women 'share'. The National Bowel Cancer Screening Programme therefore has the potential to make a major contribution to tackling gender health inequalities in cancer.'


He says it is vital that the roll out of the screening programme proceeds as planned. 

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