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Who are Britain's big smokers?

There is a significantly higher number of Bangladeshi, Irish and Black Caribbean men smoking compared to men in general, Black Britain has reported.

Ben Youdan, the CEO for No Smoking Day on 8 March, 'As there are a significantly high number of Black Caribbean men smoking. It does mean that there is a much higher risk of Black Caribbean men dying from a smoking relates disease and also contracting lung and throat cancer as a consequence.'

Black Caribbean men smoke a third more than the general public.

According to the Health Development Agency, 44% of Bangladeshi men smoke, 39% of Irish men, 35% of Black Caribbean men, 26% of Pakistani men, 23% of Indian men, and 17% of Chinese men, compared with 27% for men in the general population.

By contrast, women in ethnic minority groups tend to smoke less than women in general: 33% of Irish women smoke, 25% of Black Caribbean, 9% of Chinese, 6% of Indian, 5% of Pakistani and 1% of Bangladeshi, compared with 27% for women in the general population.

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