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'Obesity and ED' leaflet published

Pharmaceutical company Lilly have produced a short leaflet for health professionals making the links between obesity and erectile dysfunction (ED).

Men's health experts have long considered that emphasising the detrimental effects of obesity on their sex-life might be a more effective way of encouraging men to eat healthily and keep their weight down.

It is estimated that 2.3 million men in the UK live with ED and there are a range of treatments available for them. However, ED is not just a condition that can affect a man's sex life, it can also be an indication of serious underlying diseases such as diabetes or heart disease so should be taken seriously. For these reasons it should always be discussed with a doctor.


The leaflet Obesity and ED is available for download below. Lilly, who are one of the MHF's sponsors and supporters, also have a website on the subject:

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