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Less is more? Number of PCTs halved 

The government has announced its latest changes to the structure of the NHS. The reorganisation of primary care trusts (PCTs) may well affect men's health provision on the frontline Ambulance trusts are to be reorganised too as part of the government's drive to 'create a patient-led NHS'.

The number of PCTs in England will be reduced from 303 to 152. This is anticipated to happen in October 2006. The Department of Health hopes this reduction will result in:

  • a closer relationship between health, social care and emergency services
  • improved and better value services for patients
  • better emergency planning with more resources to respond to major incidents and ensure service continues as normal
  • more money for frontline services.

Dr Ian Banks, president of the MHF commented: 'Less appears to mean more in the New NHS but men already have badly targeted health services. Concentrating more on directing services to those who need them most includes a gender sensitive approach. In the rush to minimise, hard to reach groups like men, could fall through the increasingly wide holes in the NHS net.'

From 1 July, many of the existing 29 NHS ambulance trusts will merge into 12, with separate management arrangements for the Isle of Wight. These announcements are the result of two consultations that both closed in March 2006.

The number of Strategic health authorities (SHAs) will also be reduced from 28 to 10 on 1 July 2006.

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