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Mens' Health Week is a team effort

Men's health Week is a genuine team effort. The Forum funds the week almost entirely out of monies raised specifically for the purpose. We're very grateful to the 40 plus organisations who have contributed this year.

The Week brings together the leading organisation in the field of mental health with public sector bodies from the Arts Council to the Department of Health to the Royal Mail to the TUC with our corporate partners such as the Football Association, Haynes, Pfizer and Anytime After Nine. (The latter may be less well-known but without them you wouldn't be reading the thank-you article - they're our website hosts). 

Matthew Maycock, the Week's coordinator says: 'We're sincerely grateful for all funsding and support in its various forms. Some of this funding has come in the form of grant-aid, which has been used to meet the costs of the week, including central administrative costs and the production of the Haynes Brain Manual. Some has come as contributions in kind such as mailing services, design services, website hosting and PR support.'

Further proof of the team effort - an incredible 2,300 organisations and individuals have registered for Men's Health Week.

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