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What's the real story on steroids?

The media's somewhat compromised relationship with hard drugs took another intoxicated turn last week as charity DrugScope released their latest report.  

The Guardian which wants to be 'cool' on drugs without totally giving up on the moral panic headlines finessed the issue beautifully with a table showing the cheapest and most expensive places to buy street drugs. It contained all sorts of fascinating information which should make the paper the talk of the crack-dens. Without going into details suffice to say, today's commuters to Gloucester may well notice a higher proportion of running noses and glazed eyes among their fellow passengers.

The report — which focused on the increase in anabolic steroids use in 11 of the 20 cities covered — also gave editors an opportunity to print some 'perfect' male torsos. (Makes a change from Kate and Pete.)

Traditionally, breast cancer has been the health story that has got the most disproportionate coverage leading many women to believe it is far more common than it is — especially among younger women. (No prizes for guessing why.) But in an era in which advertising and the media are increasingly objectifying the male bady, could steroid abuse become the new breast cancer?

Meanwhile, you can read what DrugScope themselves have to say here.

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