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DH urged to fund mobile phone research 

The safety of mobile phones is back in the news again with a leading radiation expert calling for more research into the long-term health effects.

Lawrence Challis, chairman of the Mobile Telecommunications Health Research Programme (MTHR) is after Department of Health funding to study 200,000 mobile phone users over a decade.

So far research has produced nothing that can categorically demonstrate that using mobile phones is bad for your health. However, intuitively it is hard to believe that holiding what is effectively a radio transmitter against your brain will have no affcet at all on the body's own electromagnetic field.

Prof Challis told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: 'The situation at the moment is that we have no evidence of any harm from mobile phones. The dilemma is the time that it takes for a disease to appear. We know from smoking and with the bomb falling in Hiroshima that nothing was seen for 10 years. The responsible thing to do is to continue monitoring.'

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