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Football funding for MHF's BME project

The Forum has received a grant of £11,000 from the Football Foundation to extend its BME Men and Mental Wellbeing Project to look specifically at the potential role of physical activity and sport (especially football) in promoting mental wellbeing in BME men.

MHF's director of operations Stephen Sibbald says: 'It is well-established that physical activity generally has a positive effect on mental health but there is as yet limited evidence of its value in promoting mental wellbeing, and protecting against mental health problems, in BME men in particular.

'There are also few practical examples of how physical activity/sport has been used with BME men to enhance mental wellbeing. This project would add to the knowledge base in this area and also result in practical outcomes with potentially wide applicability.'

This project has now received funding from the Department of Health and Lloyds TSB Foundation for England & Wales in addition to the grant from the Football Foundation. The Forum is currently recruiting for a Project Officer to take over the management of this project. Full details of the post here

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