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Men's Health Week 2007 to kick off in Gateshead

The sixth National Men's Health Week got under way this month with its first ever launch-event outside of London.

Harry Cayton Taking place at the Sage Gateshead today, the launch was a collaborative event between the Men's Health Forum, the Community Foundation and the Idle Eric Campaign. Guest speakers included: Harry Cayton National Director for Patients and the Public (pictured), George Hepburn, Chief Executive, the Community Foundation, Dr George Rae, BBC Street Doctor.

Men's Health Week 2007 is dedicated to long-term medical conditions. Matthew Maycock, the MHF's Mens' Health week cordinator explains why. 'One in three people in the UK currently live with a long-term health condition, about half of them men. Yet men's specific needs in this area, as in many other areas of health, remain largely overlooked.'

There are four specific issues that the Week will seek to highlight:

  • Men are more likely than women to develop a number of major long-term conditions that are preventable (eg. heart disease and diabetes).
  • Primary care, including GP and pharmacy services, is currently not well used by men.
  • Men don't use advice and support services as well or as effectively as women.
  • There are enormous gaps in knowledge about men and long-term conditions that are holding back the development of policy and practice.

Already over 1500 organisations have registered to take part in the Week but it is still not too late to register.  Registering will give you access to an online resource pack of essential men's health core information which has been expanding every year since men's health week began plus tailored information around the specific theme of the week.

Matthew says: 'The pack offers tremendous depth and breadth. Much of it has been recently updated, with significant new additions to the diversity and resource sections and it now contains the pdf's for 18 mini Haynes manuals on a range of health topics that are all free to download.'

Steve RedgraveThere's also material on the MHF's health information site including a launch article by Britain's greatest Olympian Steve Redgrave, pictured.

Dozens of events have already been organised by registering organisations. Matthew says: 'Good luck with your planning, please get in touch if we can help with your final preparations.'

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