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Sign the European petition for men's health

Signatures for a petition demanding that the European Parliament take men's health more seriously are being collected by the European Men's Health Forum (EMHF).

Named the Vienna Declaration after the conference at which it was launched last year, the petition has already been signed by dozens of members of the European parliament, many organisations and even some government departments including the Department of Health. The Declaration is now available as an iPetition for you to sign and — equally importantly — forward onto to your friends and colleagues for them to sign.

EMHF Director Erick Savoye says: 'The idea now, with such widespread high-level endorsement, is to snowball the declaration out to the general public and get as many signatures as possible.

'We will follow words with action. From the end of 2007, our European network will be working with national governments and key stakeholder groups around Europe to ensure these words are not forgotten.' A follow-up plan will track progress of actions taken to make the objectives of the Declaration a reality.

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