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EOC puts men's health on gender agenda

The Equal Opportunities Commission has identified men's health as a key sex equality issue for the new Commission for Equality and Human Rights to take forward. In its new report the Gender Agenda, men's health sits there alongside the more traditional gender issues around discrimination aganist women.

EOC postcard 'This is an enormously significant report out today which essentially sets out the gender issues for the CEHR to take forward,' said MHF CEO Peter Baker. 'We welcome the excellent consideration given to men's issues particularly health.'

Specifically the report calls for the following within ten years:

  • Health services that are equally accessible to men and women, to improve health outcomes for both sexes;
  • Sexual health and contraception services provided appropriately to both men and women, with safe access to abortion services for women when needed

The EOC's campaign for its gender agenda includes posters, downloads and postcards like the one above featuring men's health. Follow the links below for more.

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