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Report slams neglect of the older male worker

The relationship between work and the health of older male workers is receiving too little attention, a new report has concluded.

Older men, work and health by Gillian Granville, the MHF's men and pharmacy project leader, and Maria Evandrou of the Centre on Ageing at the University of Southampton was launched this week by TAEN - The Age and Employment Network - and Help the Aged. It examines the role work plays in the lives and identity of men and the impact this has on their health, both in and out of work.

TAEN chief executive Chris Ball said: 'With increased longevity and less generous pension expectations, the 'push' and 'pull' influences toward longer working lives are obvious and inescapable. The specific factors associated with men's physiology and typically male occupations underline the need to develop health, work and well-being strategies that address the needs of older men.'

The report calls for targeted health programmes and slams a lack of research into the working lives and health of older men and women.

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