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MHF invited to 10 Downing Street

MHF at no.10MHF staff were invited to 10 Downing Street recently to discuss bowel cancer screening and men's use of primary care services.

MHF president Ian Banks, policy officer David Wilkins and CEO Peter Baker met Gordon Brown's senior health policy adviser Greg Beales.

'The MHF's influence now extends to the very heart of government,' said Peter. 'We discussed Gordon Brown's recent announcements on the bowel cancer screening programme age-bands and access to primary care services making the case for lowering the age limit for men to 55, to reflect the high incidence for men in the 55-60 age-group, and highlighting the opportunities that exist to improve men's access through the workplace and pharmacies in particular.'

This was clearly was a very useful meeting for both the MHF and the prime minister - and, in its way, a dream come true. The PM had long wanted to meet Ian Banks.

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