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All working for a great Men's Health Week

With a little over a week to go, National Men's Health Week looks like being one of the best yet.

With over 1,500 registrants running over 3,000 events, there's certainly plenty to do across the country. 'This year's theme - men and work - has really caught the public imagination at a time when finding the right work-life balance is such a challenge for men,' said the MHF's men's health week coordinator Matthew Maycock.

Matt has given his informal award for most original event so far to the Middleborough conference because it doetails with the Forum's current work on using sports stadia to deliver health messages.

Boro is best

'The Middlesbrough conference on June 10th constitutes an important event during this year's NMHW,' said Matt. 'The range of speakers and regional significance of the event ensured that it won this year's prize for being the event with the most impact, with potentially some national implications. The MHF is developing a strand of work relating to sports stadium (which will be the focus on NMHW2010), so the setting of this event at the Riverside Football Stadium in Middlesbrough is ideal.'

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