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What do you want to see here?

The MHF is developing its websites. Editor Jim Pollard wants your ideas.


The MHF has two websites. The organisational one, which you're now on, covers our work and includes news and features of interest to (men's) health professionals and policy makers.

The other,, aims to offer fast, free independent health information to men of all ages.

It's no secret to say they're run on a shoestring but we're looking to develop them. The design and content management systems of the sites were both set up in 2003. Many of the features available now - especially the interactive ones - were not available them. Five years is an age in the history of the internet. So,

  • What's good on the site that we should do more of?
  • What improvements would you like to see?
  • We know there's some great content on both sites but it's not always easy to find. Any suggestions on design or examples of other websites that we could learn from in this regard warmly welcomed.
  • What level of interactivity would be right for the two sites? Clearly the needs of the man in the street are different from those of policy makers.
  • How can we discuss issues, answer each others' questions and develop the men's health agenda. 
  • What sort of newsletters would be useful?
  • What sort of ecommerce options would be useful? 
  • Should we take more advertising (currently the malehealth site has limited advertising and the MHF site none) or could this be compromising?
  • What about blogs, videos and podcasts?
  • What about other platforms such as mobiles and text messaging?
  • Should we be using social networking sites such Facebook or has that bubble been and burst?
  • Should we be doing more to get our content on other people's sites rather than just developing our own?

Clearly the MHF is never going to have the resources of the BBC or a major commercial provider but even with that caveat, all suggestions are welcome. Please use the box below.

Page created on August 1st, 2008

Page updated on December 1st, 2009