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MHF mini-manual sales hit 1,000,000

Sales of MHF malehealth mini-manuals have topped the one million mark — proof that effective men's health information is possible.

Mini manualMHF president Dr Ian Banks, who is also the author of the manuals, said: 'We have a million reasons to be cheerful. We are often told that men have no interest in their health or for that matter the health of their partners and children. But this is not so. The Men's Health Forum has just released the millionth 'mini manual' covering over 40 areas of health and wellbeing. Evaluation studies show a strong preference from men for this style of information.'

The MHF's health information website also attracts over 140,000 unique visitors every month. To put that into context, this is more visitors than the sites of all but 8 of the premier league football clubs. Factor that in and the male health myth is well and truly broken.

Malehealth editor Jim Pollard said: 'the million manual target proves that men are interested in health and health information but they want the information in the way that they want it - not in the way that health professionals and health policy makers often prefer to give it. It's often just a question of language. If you know how to talk to men, they will listen.'

'A million men can't all be wrong,' concluded Ian Banks.


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