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45% of GPs now open extended hours

GP opening hours are moving in the right direction according to statistics from the Department of Health.

In August 45% of practices were offering extended opening hours compared to 38 % in July. However 10% of NHS commissioner areas still have no practices offering extended hours.  All told, 48% of commissioners have achieved the Operating Framework aim of 50% of their GP Practices offering extended opening hours.

MHF CEO Peter Baker said: 'As I understand it, extended hours is defined as an extra 30 minutes per 1000 patients additional to the normal contracted hours at times that suit patients' preferences. There is clearly now movement in the right direction. What would be useful to know is how many are now open on Saturdays specifically and how many are offering extended hours on one, two, three or more days a week.' Let us know using the box below.

If you're interested in the details of what PCTs should be offering under the extended hours scheme — if, for example, yours isn't playing ball — the government published the final guidelines earlier this month: Final guidance: Extended Hours Access Scheme Directed Enhanced Service

Page created on September 15th, 2008

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