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Australia: MHF hears about new policy 

The new Australian men's health policy has come up from down under.

At small seminar last week for MHF staff and trustees, Anthony Brown, the Project Officer at the Men's Health Information and Resource Centre (MHIRC) at University of Western Sydney led a discussion on the proposed new policy and its implications for the UK.

The debate about the UK focused on whether the current gender equality framework provides the best basis for making further progress on men's health or whether a specific men's health policy is needed.

'We came to no firm conclusions,' said MHF CEO Peter Baker, 'but it's clear that the MHF will need to look at this further, not least when the Irish Government's men's health policy is published next month.'

For further information on the development of the Australian policy read this month's editorial by Bernard Denner: Australia takes first step to men's health policy.


Anthony Brown also introduced the Australian men's helpline, Mensline - a national 24 hour telephone counselling referral service for men and families with relationship concerns, although it often deals with a much wider range of issues raised by men. This could form the model for a similar service in the UK.

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