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Germans get into world's biggest prostate

Some 4,000 men flocked to see a prostate 200 times the normal size in Germany earlier this month.

FrieburgNo, it wasn't a particular bad case of BPH. It was a model of the organ specially erected for the occasion of the city of Freiburg's third annual mens' health day. The 200:1 scale model menat men could go inside and have a look around their most misunderstood gland

Over 4.000 people turned up including the mayor and local politicians. There were also information stands, discussions, public lectures and free blood tests.


'It was a great success and we are extremely satisfied,' said organiser Christian Leiber. 'We believe we have done at least something to create more awareness for men's health in Freiburg and the region.' The numbers present suggest his is right.

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