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Men's Health Week 2009 to focus on services

The Forum has announced that next year's National Men's Health Week (NMHW) will focus on men's access to health services.

Registration logoNMHW 2009 will have two equally important themes:

  • to improve men's awareness of the range of health services and how to use them effectively.
  • to improve the understanding of health policymakers and practitioners about how to develop and deliver services that men will use.

At this early stage, the MHF are looking for partners to work with on the week. Would your organisation be interested?

The Forum's development manager Matthew Maycock said: 'We're hosting a round table to discuss our plans for next year's National Men's Health Week on 12 December from 2-4pm at our office in Loman Street. It will provide an ideal opportunity to discuss the various ways in which we can work with you.' If you are interested in attending please contact us using the box below.

Registration is now open for the Week. Registering is the best way to keep up with plans for the Week and will ensure that you receive all the resources, guidance for planning local activities and other information that the Forum produces. Follow the links below.

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