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70,000 free mini-manuals snapped up

The MHF's stock of free mini-manuals on domestic violence is now exhausted. Sorry. Manuals are now available for sale only.

DV mini manual coverThe free manuals, made possible through a grant from the home office, have gone like the proverbial hot cakes with over 70,000 snapped up in just two months - a clear sign of how important this area of work is becoming.

Boxes of 200 are available to buy at £130 — well under £1 a copy. Quite a bargain in itself.

Thanks to the MHF's office team of Patrick Kilim and Alana Premchand, who have done most of the hard work of mailing the manuals out.

Meanwhile, we also have some larger manuals - hardback books in the Haynes workshop manual series style - still available at cost price.

There are limited supplies of the Haynes Brain and HGV MAN manuals left, both of which can be supplied in boxes of 20 for £75 (which includes postage and packing) compared with a RRP of £249.

  • For more on buying manuals or mini-manuals use the form below.

Page created on January 13th, 2009

Page updated on December 1st, 2009