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Illegal online drugs raised in parliament

In parliament, the chair of the All Party Group on Men's Health has tabled an early day motion drawing attention to the dangers posed by buying prescription-only drugs online from unregulated sources.

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It is estimated by the European Alliance for Access to Safe Medicines that 95% of internet pharmacies are operating illegally. MP Howard Stoate's motion notes that men are more likely to buy in this way than women and calls for awareness-raising. He argues that improving men's access to primary care might reduce the temptation to buy online.

The motion follows his parliamentary question on the same topic earlier this month.

The MHF's health information website has a special section with advice on online buying.

The Motion

That this House

  • notes that men are more likely than women to buy prescription-only drugs without a prescription from unregulated websites and that such drugs will often be counterfeit;
  • further notes that men are less likely to visit a GP for professional advice and that buying drugs online risks a misdiagnosis;
  • believes that steps should be taken to improve men's awareness of the risks of buying drugs online and that primary care should be more accessible to men in order that they can seek professional advice and, when needed, an appropriate prescription;
  • and supports the current cinema advertising campaign highlighting the dangers of buying such drugs that has been backed by the pharmaceutical industry, charities and the regulator.

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