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Free Peter Baker lecture in London

All are welcome to hear Peter Baker address an open meeting of the Royal Society for Public Health in July.

Peter Baker The MHF's chief executive, right, will be discussing the topic: 'Men's Health: Coming in From the Cold?'. The meeting is on Tuesday 21 July at 5pm at the RSPH offices at 28 Portland Place, London W1B 1DE. This is a change from the previously announced date of Wednesday 10th June.

The RSPH are opening the free meeting to all, including non-members of the RSPH (despite the impression to the contrary given by the online booking form).

The work of the Men's Health Forum and other organisations shows that it is possible to engage men in health using an approach that recognises that men have many different attitudes and beliefs about health from women. If account is taken of gender differences in health policy and practice, the improvements in public health could be enormous. Indeed, there is now legislation that requires health services to do this.

Men's health: what next?

But are policymakers and practitioners ready for the challenge? Is the public health workforce equipped and willing to tackle gender inequalities alongside those relating to social class, race, age and disability? Is the Department of Health showing the leadership that is required?

On the eve of National Men's Health Week, Peter's lecture will set out what needs to happen next at all levels to make a real difference to men's health and wellbeing.

NB. This event is now on 21 July. Any material, booking forms etc on this or other websites suggesting it is on 10 June are out of date and should be amended accordingly.

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