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MHF survey shows internet's hidden health dangers

In the run up to National Men's Health Week (15 to 21 June), MHF has challenged men to think twice about where they go on the internet for health information.

The challenge comes as MHF releases further details from its survey of 830 men. These reveal that 66% of men use the internet as their first port of call for health information.  Only 15% of the men questioned turn to the doctor. This raises concerns that many men are putting their health and wellbeing at considerable risk through accessing unreliable information and purchasing counterfeit drugs. In the UK, one in 10 men admit to purchasing prescription-only drugs without a prescription, typically from dodgy websites. [Source:

Dr Ian Banks, president of the MHF said "We know that many men are embarrassed about talking about their health and uncomfortable using care and advice from traditional services. But the internet is littered with websites that take advantage of this fact and capitalise on men's need for information and treatments, promising miracle cures and delivering products or information that could seriously risk the man's health  When they go online, men should stick to reliable health sites such as”

This year's National Men's Health Week will concentrate on men's under-use of primary health services. MHF will be challenging policy makers in the health sector and wider government to develop services to close the gender gap, in addition to challenging men themselves to make small changes to their lifestyle which will help to improve their long-term health.

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