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BMA Patient Information Award

Entries can now be submitted to the 2003 BMA Patient Information Award. This annual award has grown year on year since its inception in 1997. Last year over three hundred leaflets were submitted and 23 certificates were awarded at a ceremony at BMA House in November 2002. The first prize was won by Bradford Hospitals NHS Trust for Coming into Bradford Hospitals.

Each leaflet is reviewed and a shortlist is drawn up by a judging panel which last year included Mary Last, the originator of the award, Tina Funnell, chair of the Consumer Health Information Panel, and Charlotte May, the head of BMA public enquiries.

Leaflets should have been published, in either new or revised editions, in 2002 or before the end of March 2003. This award is for leaflets of under 40 pages: leaflets longer than this can be submitted to the Popular Medicine category of the BMA Medical Book Competition. There is no entry fee.

You can read more about the award, the rules of entry and the appraisal criteria here.

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