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Short back and sides and a medical please


Short back and sides and men's health checks are now on offer at GIs barbershop in Wolverhampton with a focus on obesity and related illnesses. The nurse led surgery will run once a week and offers full health checks for men, with a follow up clinic for those wishing to lose weight.

The surgery will be officially launched on Tuesday24th July and will be open for customers and any bloke who wants to have a chat about his health.

It's fairly ironic that despite the mortality of males being far higher than that of females through out all stages of life, there are relatively few clinics aimed specifically at men. 

Obesity is now reaching epidemic proportions with over half the British population suffering from being overweight. Where can people, particularly men, go to tackle the problem? 

There is much clinical evidence that those suffering from obesity are at serious risk from developing high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and respiratory problems along with many other minor problems. 

Greg Mason, the owner of GIs said; -

"Many of my customers tell me about their health worries but are reluctant to go to their GP because the waiting times are too long and they don't feel they are ill enough to go. There is no way they would go just to lose weight. They would feel daft. But the problem is a lot of them fail to spot the 'tell tale' signs of illness until they end up in hospital or worse”.

Jane DeVille-Almond, who has set up the clinic, is an independent nurse consultant, an executive member of the National Obesity Forum (NOF) and vice president/chair of the Men's Health Forum (MHF) says; - 

" Men often remain reluctant to visit their doctor or nurse at the surgery until a treatable medical condition becomes chronic so it is important that primary care groups and trusts start looking at different ways to get health messages home to men. 

The barber's shop is an ideal setting as it accesses men from all social and cultural backgrounds and can prove to be a much more familiar and relaxing venue than the surgery”

For further information of the above clinic please contact Jane DeVille-Almond on 079 6786 3411 or email on


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