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HAYNES MAN MANUAL: A drive towards better men's health

The new Haynes Man Manual, a groundbreaking marriage of men and motors, launches today in a bid to get British men into championship health. The Man Manual is a unique collaboration between Haynes and the Men's Health Forum and was sponsored by an educational grant from Lilly ICOS (a joint venture between two major pharmaceutical companies).

The Man Manual is written in the format of the iconic Haynes car manuals - used by generations of men to better understand and maintain their cars. The style is no-nonsense, step by step, helping to identify a problem before suggesting a possible solution. "It is the perfect format to use to talk to men about their bodies and their health" says author Dr Ian Banks, president of the Men's Health Forum. "We've struggled for years to create health information that men can really relate to and I think we've cracked it - when I was approached with the idea it just seemed so obvious I couldn't understand why it hadn't been thought of before," he continues.

The aim of the manual is to explain to men how their bodies work, offer "maintenance" tips and highlight some of the most common men's health problems. "Ultimately" says Dr Banks "We want to encourage men to get over their embarrassment and head-in-the-sand mentality and go to see a doctor as soon as something goes wrong with their body. And to go back if the first solution they try doesn't work - just as they would with their car." Currently four in five men wait too long before going to see their GP and as a result treatable illnesses like diabetes, depression and erectile dysfunction (ED) cause unnecessary misery to millions.

According to the author and publishers, ED is a perfect example of a condition that is misunderstood and inappropriately dealt with by men who, on average, wait more than two years2 before consulting their doctor about their problem. "Their delay in seeking treatment is irrational, because we can treat ED very effectively. Additionally, ED can be an important indicator of serious underlying conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure" says Dr Ian Banks.

"This collaboration between the Men's Health Forum, Haynes and Lilly ICOS will help improve the way men deal with conditions like ED, depression and a whole host of other things. As through the Man Manual they will have access to the health information they need, in an understandable and familiar format, to help them seek the treatment that's right for them".

The Man Manual is designed to overcome embarrassment, nerves and ignorance by avoiding preaching and nagging and instead using down to earth frankness and humour - as well as some very interesting comparisons between men's bodies and their beloved cars. Diagnostic sections from NHS Direct On-line were generously provided royalty free, to help men identify any potential health problems.

Tiff Needell, racing driver, broadcaster and generally car-mad man, is already a fan of the manual. He comments: "The Haynes manuals are legendary to British men young and old. Men have trusted Haynes to bring them the information they need to care for their cars for the past 40 years. So I think it is an act of genius for the Men's Health forum, supported by Lilly ICOS, to use this famous format to talk to men about their bodies and their health. I've already had a look through and learnt a lot about what might go wrong, how to spot it and what can be done about it - although like most men I still know a hell of a lot more about my car than my body!"

The Haynes Man Manual costs £12.99 and will be available from all leading bookstores and Halfords from November 2002. It is the product of a partnership formed between Haynes and the Men's Health Forum, with initial funding for the manual provided by an educational grant from Lilly ICOS. Each manual sold will include a 50p donation to the Men's Health Forum to help fund men's health projects.

For further information, or to request a review copy of the manual, please contact the RED Consultancy:

Lucy Turner 020 7465 7772

Stuart Mayell 020 7465 7705

Emily Wintle 020 7465 7744

Notes to Editors


· Haynes Publishing Group is the worldwide market leader in the production and sale of car and motorcycle repair manuals. Every vehicle manual is based on a complete strip-down and rebuild in our workshops. This approach, reflecting thoroughness and attention to detail, is integral to all our publications

· The Group publishes many other DIY titles as well as an extensive array of books about motor sport, vehicles and transport in general. Through its subsidiary Sutton Publishing the Group has also extended its interests to include history books

Men's Health Forum

· The Men's Health Forum is a charity that aims to improve men's health in England and Wales through research, policy development, professional training and the development of innovative and imaginative projects. The Forum organises the annual National Men's Health Week in June

Lilly ICOS LLC: A Partnership for New Solutions

Lilly ICOS is a joint venture combining the expertise of two leading companies:

· Eli Lilly and Company - one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies. Lilly has a huge commitment to research & development and has been behind many of the most innovative pharmaceuticals, including the world's first commercially available insulin product.

· ICOS Corporation, located in Washington USA, is a company at the forefront of the biotechnology revolution, with expertise in molecular, cellular and structural biology

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