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Forum launches its bright new training programme

Men are so hard to reach'

'Men always put off coming until they're in a crisis'

'Young men are OK by themselves but not when they're in a gang'

You've heard these sorts of comments. You may even have made similar yourself. Many health practitioners know they need to work more effectively with men but how? Now there's a solution.

From November 2002, the Men's Health Forum will be offering a range of courses specifically designed to meet the needs of health and other professionals with an interest in working more effectively with men. The full programme of courses is now available to download from this site.

The courses include An Introduction to Men's Health, Working with Young Men, Planning Services for Men, Men and Sexual Health and Men, Mental Health and Suicide.

Our key objective is to provide those that come on our courses with a skills-based tool-box to enable them to work more effectively with men. Because of this our trainers are chosen because of their wide knowledge and experience of the practical issues. PREP* accreditation has been applied for.

All MHF Training courses are run at BMA House in central London. Full venue details and a map will be sent with confirmation of bookings.

Download the Men's Health F orum Training Course Guide as a pdf file by clicking here.

Hard copies of the guide can be obtained direct from the Forum's Training and Information Services Officer Robbie Porter on: 01905 21340 or e-mail from:

* PREP is the Post-Registration Education and Practice scheme, a framework that provides a variety of flexible pathways for Registered Nurses to continue their professional education on a part-time or full-time basis

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