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First-ever health initiative for male travellers

A health booklet, the first-ever health initiative aimed at Gypsy Traveller men has been launched. A new health information booklet, On the Road to Better Health for Travelling Men, will be distributed to Gypsy Traveller men throughout the UK. Produced jointly by the Men's Health Forum and the National Association of Health Workers with Travellers, the booklet aims to provide a group of men with particular health problems with useful and practical advice.

The booklet's author Gypsy Traveller and Men's Health Forum trustee Richard O'Neill says: "As a health campaigner, I'm concerned about the health of all men, but even I was surprised at the particularly poor state of the health of men in my own community. One of the biggest problems facing all men these days is stress - and the biggest stress for Gypsy men is the stress of constantly being moved on. This also makes it virtually impossible for them to access health care. We hope the booklet will encourage Gypsy Traveller men to seek help and health providers to become more aware of the problems faced by men in the travelling community.”

On the Road is dedicated to Richard O'Neill's father, Richard Snr, a traveller who died from a heart attack aged 58.

Further information:

Richard O'Neill

email Richard here

Or tel 0161 763 7416

(mobile 0771 981 6207)

Download PDF of leaflet

Download MHF's press release on leaflet (PDF)


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