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Dad's red flags

Twenty warning signs that dad's health is at risk. How many of these apply to you or your father?

red flag1. Got a takeaway at work

2. Had a nap at the weekend

3. Drunk alcohol on more than two weeknights

4. Snapped at the kids when I didn’t mean to

5. Finished food on another’s plate

6. Driven to shops when I should have walked

7. Consumed just tea or coffee all day

8. Had a nap on a weekday

9. Bought sweets for the kids so I can get some myself

10. Got out of breath running up the stairs

11. Text a family member who was in the house

12. Got fed up of family life because I was just too tired

13. Eaten more than one takeaway in a day

14. Tried and failed to touch my toes

15. Had to gear myself up to face family life after work

16. Hidden snacks/takeaway cartons from partner

17. Smoked without partner’s knowledge

18. Napped on the way to work

19. Bought kids games and dvd’s to occupy them and let me rest

20. Had a takeaway number on speed dial 

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