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Man MOT brings the doctor to you

The MHF has taken over a web service which enables men to chat to health professionals online.

Man MOT, which was set up by Pfizer, will be back twice a week from 4 February 2013. Users simply log in and use online chat to consult a GP, totally anonymously if they wish. The MHF Man MOT will run in a pilot phase for three months; the MHF is encouraging its partners and stakeholders as well as men in general to visit and give their views.

The next Man MOT surgeries are: 

  • Wednesday 10th April 12-2pm and
  • Monday 15th April 7-10pm. 

Tried and tested

Since its original launch in July 2010, Man MOT has successfully provided men with health information in a way they feel comfortable. Almost 72,000 men have visited the website and more than 2,000 one-to-one online consultations with a GP or expert, lasting on average 14 minutes and 20 seconds, have taken place.

The site is clearly meeting a need not met elsewhere:

  • 57% of Man MOT visitors had not previously sought help for their health concern and
  • 59% had experienced symptoms for one year or more.

With the re-launch of the web-based service, the MHF meets the needs of men who avoid the healthcare system because their local services are inconvenient for them or because they are worried about wasting their doctor’s time, fear or embarrassment.

Dr Seema Jani, resident GP of Man MOT said: 'Over the last couple of years Man MOT has provided invaluable health support to men. The number of men going online to access health information is rising and it is important that healthcare services keep up with patient needs. With potentially life-threatening illnesses on the increase in men, it is vital that they have accessible, professional health advice and information. By being open out of hours, Man MOT complements, rather than replaces real GP surgeries. It can fit around busy schedules and provide an alternative option for health advice.' 

MHF CEO Martin Tod said: 'Too many men face health risks, but don't seek medical advice. Man MOT has helped thousands of men get useful health information. The Men's Health Forum has been proud to support Man MOT so far and is very pleased to have the opportunity to build on its success to help more men get the health advice they need.'


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