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Successful Man MOT pilot ends

The pilot phase of ManMOT, the MHF’s online consultation service which enables men to chat to a health professional online, anonymously, confidently and for free, has come to an end.

The ManMOT team would like to thank everyone who used the service and filled in the survey to help improve ManMOT even further.

Jim Pollard, the editor of ManMOT, said: ‘Thanks very much for all your feedback. It will be a great help for our work on ManMOT. We are determined to create a service that is designed by men for men.’

Following the pilot we will be evaluating the site and the service with focus groups, engaging with stakeholders via telephone and analysing all the feedback sent via the site and the survey.

Man MOT will be back soon in new guises and in new places. Watch this space and sign up for the newsletter at for the latest news.

Page created on April 15th, 2013

Page updated on April 16th, 2013