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Leeds Men and Cancer Symposium Nov 2006: full proceedings and presentations

The Men and Cancer Symposium at Leeds Metropolitan University on 16 November 2006 examined epidemiology, risk factors, men's health behaviour, men's presentation with cancer and the treatment they receive.

Chaired by the National Cancer Director, Mike Richards, the invited audience recommended a systematic review of the evidence on men and cancer, addressing both quantitative and qualitative issues. They said this should be used as the basis for the longer-term development of a men and cancer research strategy.

The symposium concluded that there were three areas where the need for work was already clear:

  • There is a need for a study to examine why there is a delay in some patients presenting with cancer symptoms, and how this may vary according to gender.
  • There is a need to examine how men respond to the vocabulary of cancer both when then they do not have the disease and post-diagnosis.
  • There is a need for more information on the mean and median age at which men and women are diagnosed with cancer.

The Full Proceedings — Tackling The Excess Incidence of Cancer in Men — are available to download below as are the presentations of the five keynote speakers:

  • Professor David Forman - Centre for Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Leeds University
  • Professor Alan White - Centre for Men's Health, Leeds Metropolitan University
  • Professor David Weller - General Practice Section, Division of Community Health Sciences, University of Edinburgh
  • Dr Una Macleod - Dept. of General Practice and Primary Care, University of Glasgow
  • Professor Henrik Moller - London School of Hygiene Tropical Medicine
  • NEWS REPORT 23/05/07: The cancer riddle - men twice as likely to die

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