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Men's Health Journal

This journal ceased publication in 2003. Back numbers are made available here as a service to the men's health policy community.

  Launched in September 2001, the Men's Health Journal was a quarterly magazine aimed at health and medical professionals published by the Medical Education Partnership.

It was a multidisciplinary journal for GPs, nurses and all health professionals interested in men's health issues aiming to promote the uptake of services by men by publishing examples of good practice and providing a vehicle for the dissemination of the latest information on men's health. It was set-up originally with the the Men's Health Forum and stoipped publishing in 2003.

Editor: Dr Ian Banks



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This is what editor Ian Banks said at the original launch:

Why do you need the MHJ?

by Ian Banks, President of the Men's Health Forum, a GP in Northern Ireland and editor of the Men's Health Journal.

'Men see their GP one-third less often than women and turn up at the surgery much later in the course of any given condition. The Government is committed to improving men's health by supporting initiatives which tackle these problems and inequalities and which uniquely target men. The Men's Health Journal will play a leading role in raising these important issues and disseminating information.

'Funding for men's health, treatment, prevention and education is steadily increasing and there is now greater interest from primary care and health authorities in looking at ways of improving male health. The Men's Health Journal will report on these developments and advise on best practice in the development of better men's health services. There has never been a greater need for accurate, practical and thought-provoking information. There has never been a better time for a readable medical journal devoted to men's health.'

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