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MHF Magazine

This magazine ceased publication in 2006. Back numbers are made available here as a service to the men's health policy community.

MHF magazine was the quarterly news publication from the Men's Health Forum.

Aimed at politicians, policymakers, health professionals — in fact, anyone with an interest in improving men's health, the magazine was packed with news and information about men's health developments and the work of the Men's Health Forum alongside a mix of features, interviews, and articles from key players in the field. It ran for 11 issues from November 2003 until its funding came to an end in June 2006.

Every issue of the magazine is now available to download. To keep file size small, these PDFs are low-resolution and for personal use only. If you want to use them in any other way please contact the Forum. 

Lynn EatonEdited by health and social affairs journalist Lynn Eaton, MHF was designed by Manchester based company Anytime after Nine and supported by an unconditional educational grant from Roche Products Ltd.


One of the regular features of MHF Magazine was the TAKING SIDES DEBATES which were started in the magazine and continued here online. You can follow some of them here:

  • E.D. DRUGS: Have drugs like Viagra been good for men's health? Read the expert opinions and give your comments here.
  • SEX STEREOTYPES: Should sex stereotypes be used to promote health messages? Of course, says Victoria Rae from the  Institute of Cancer Research. No, they're by definition unhealthy, says Dr Alex Scott-Samuel, Senior Lecturer in Public Health at the University of Liverpool. Click here to take sides on sex stereotypes.
  • OBESITY: Pretty much everyone tells pretty much everyone else that being fat is bad for them. But is that really a medical fact or merely a social convention? Lee Monaghan, a sociologist at Newcastle University, argues that you can be fat and healthy. GP Dr David Haslam of the National Obesity Forum disagrees. Click here to take sides on the facts about fat. 
  • CIRCUMCISION: The most controversial recent debate was on male circumcision.  Click here to follow that debate .


Issues of MHF

MHF Magazine 11Issue 11  June 2006

  • Men's health Week 2006
  • MHF stress at work survey 
  • Interview with mental health tsar Professor Lewis Appleby
  • Group therapy    
  • Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM)



MHF Magazine 10Issue 10  March 2006

  • Trusts failing on gender duty
  • MHF response to Our Care, Our health, Our Say white paper.
  • Interview with Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt
  • Taking sides: Has Viagra helped men's health?    
  • Social marketing



MHF Magazine 9Issue 9  January 2006



Cover MHF Magazine 8Issue 8  October 2005

  • Men's Health Week 2005 review and 2006 preview 
  • Going for bloke - Interview with Graham Archard of the Royal College of GPs on attracting male patients
  • Taking sides: should 'lads' magazines provide health information?  
  • Hot topic: dealing with trauma
  • In practice: Knowsley Man and Knowlsey malehealth.



cover of issue 7Issue 7  June 2005

  • Men's Health Week 2005 issue
  • Fat is not just a women's issue
  • Interview with deputy chief medical officer Dr Fiona Adshead
  • TAKING SIDES DEBATE: can being fat be good for you?  
  • Hot topic: men's slimming clubs
  • In practice: Tommy the trucker - a healthy-eating scheme in Sefton



cover of issue 6 Issue 6  March 2005



cover of issue 5Issue 5  January 2005

  • Public Health White Paper verdict
  • Interview with Health Secretary John Reid
  • 2005: the year to tackle obesity 
  • TAKING SIDES DEBATE: Are Well Man clinics a good idea?  
  • Hot topic: suicide 
  • In practice: a school football team's juice bar!



Cover of MHF magazine 4Issue 4  October 2004



Cover of MHF issue 3Issue 3  June 2004

  • Special CANCER issue for men's Health Week 
  • Interview with cancer tsar Mike Richards
  • TAKING SIDES DEBATE: Should men check their balls?
  • Martin Ledwick, Cancer BACUP senior information nurse 
  • In Practice: testicular cancer



Cover of MHF issue 2 Issue 2  Mar. 2004



Cover of MHF issue 1Issue 1 Nov. 2003

  • Gender sensitive health policies
  • Interview with David Hinchcliffe MP - Chair of the House of Commons Health Select Committee
  • Sex survey of soldiers in Germany
  • Anna Coote of the King's Fund on the gender summit




MHF replaces the old Update newsletter. However, you can still download back numbers of Update here. Click on image to download PDF copy.


Past issues: April 2001, May 2000

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