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MHF to train NHS commissioners and delivery staff in men's health

The MHF has been commissioned by the Department of Health to develop a pilot model of training and development for key NHS staff to improve their capacity and capability to effectively engage with men around their health.

Two pilot approaches are being developed, one being aimed at senior commissioning staff based within the North West SHA region and the second aimed at health trainers to provide them with support and materials to target men. A workshop event is being held in April 2010 for NW commissioners and service planners with an opening introduction from Mike Farrar, Chief Executive of the NW SHA.

A consultation has been held with health trainers in Skegness and in Bradford to develop ideas for the development of effective support information and materials which they could use to not only more effectively target men in their communities but also to recruit more male health trainers.

Both approaches are being fully evaluated with an interim project report being available in July 2010.

Stephen Sibbald, the MHF's director of operations, commented 'This is a great opportunity to engage directly with the people who are responsible for both designing and developing health services as well as those who are delivering them in their local communities and to promote the need for gender-sensitivity in both cases.  The models we develop here, once evaluated, will we hope be able to be rolled out to other parts of the country'.

The model is being developed in conjunction with Solutions for Public Health.

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