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Let’s warm-up with some statistics

  • Inactivity affects 60–70% of the adult population - more people than obesity, alcohol misuse and smoking combined
  • Just 40% of men meet the Chief Medical Officer’s recommendations for physical activity (30 minutes of at least moderate intensity activity on five or more days of the week).
  • Over a quarter of boys do not meet the recommended physical activity level (at least one
  • hour of moderate or more intense activity a day).
  •  Activity levels fall sharply with age. The decline starts quite sharply at 35 for men. Only 21% of men aged 65-74 and 9% of men aged 75 or over meet the recommendations.
  • Sport England research shows that 20% of men participate in sport (defined as at least 30 minutes of sport at moderate intensity at least three times a week, excluding recreational walking and infrequent recreational cycling).
  • Most men (72%) do not know the recommended level of physical activity.
  • Men in lower income groups are much less likely to be physically active: men in the lowest 20% in terms of household income are almost twice as likely to be inactive as men in the highest quintile.
  • Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Chinese men are less likely than the general population to meet physical activity recommendations. Bangladeshi men have particularly low levels of physical activity with just 26% meeting the recommendations.

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