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How to run an event

When it comes to ideas for Men’s Health Week events, the sky’s the limit. The Week has snowballed in the last few years. In 2008, there were over 3,000 events.

The theme this year is physical activity so how about a fun run, a green gym project, a try-out day with a variety of healthy activities, a sponsored swim, walk or cycle, a dancing night, a tennis or football tournament etc. Team up with your local sports club(s) or stadia.

Appeal to a broad section of the population - all ages, ethnic groups and ability levels - to make your event more representative of your local community, more attractive to more people and improve its chances of getting funding.

Event checklist

Here’s our checklist for running a great event. You might be able to think of more. Ensure tasks are clearly allocated to the right people and that they have agreed and have realistic deadlines.

  • Check if there is anything else happening in your community on the date or at the time you have chosen for your activity.
  • Confirm your date.
  • Book your venue, even if it is an outdoor activity you may need to organise this with your local council.
  • Book a speaker, celebrity or other activities for the day.
  • Register your event online at the MHF website:
  • Order relevant resources such as MHF mini-manuals
  • Organise “Give Aways”, stands, stalls etc if you are going to have them.
  • Sort out catering (if necessary).
  • Sort out child minding if you’re providing it.
  • Organise your advertising, maybe a flyer to be distributed locally.
  • Organise your PR - include information in community newsletters, newspapers, on noticeboards etc. Send a press release. Also use the internet and email. (See page opposite.)
  • Make sure groups and individuals in your area who might want to come know about the event - contact personally if necessary.
  • Check there will be adequate parking and other transport links.
  • Check if there is full disabled access for different disabilities.
  • Check there are enough toilets and that their location is well signposted.
  • Organise your evaluation process including a financial analysis (and carry it out - this will make your next event even better). Tell the MHF.
  • Pay your invoices.
  • Send thank yous.

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