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Men and Services - Resource Pack

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This 'pack' brings together the essential information for Men's Health Week. It is for organisations who have registered for the week. If you haven't yet done so, please register first to get all the latest news and emails. 

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Since it was first held in 2002, National Mens' Health Week has grown in size every year and is now a firm feature on the health improvement calendar. Each year NMHW focuses on a different area of policy relevant to men's health.  Previous weeks have looked at:

  • Male health in general (2002)
  • Men and sexual health (2003)
  • Men and cancer (2004)
  • Men and obesity (2005)
  • Men and mental health (2006)
  • Men and long-term medical conditions (2007)
  • Men At Work (2008)

The theme of the 2008 Week was men in the workplace. It focused on three main areas:

  • To ensure health and safety and risk avoidance better targets men in the workplace
  • To use the workplace to reach men with health promotion interventions
  • To link into the government's Health, Work and Wellbeing strategy.

More details are here.

There is a short history of previous weeks at NMHW a Short History (clicking on this link will take you out of the 2009 Resource Pack into the 2008 Resource Pack.)

National Men's Health Week 2009

The 2009 week, the eighth such event, will focus on men's access to health services. The Week has two main objectives:

  • To improve men's awareness of the range of health and related services and how to use them effectively.
  • To improve the understanding of health policymakers and practitioners about how to develop and deliver services that men will use.

For more detail see Aims and Activities. For ideas for your own events see Running Events.

About the Resource Pack

This year's web-based resource pack, developed to maximise limited resources for the week, broadly follows the same structure as the 2008 version building on users' comments in the post-week evaluation. We'll welcome your comments once again after the week is over.

We do not want to exclude anyone from receiving information information in the resource pack. Therefore, if online is not suitable for you and you or a colleague would prefer certain sections sent to you in hard copy, please let us know using the box at the foot of this page and we'll see what we can do.

Future Plans and Up-dates

Plans for NMHW will continue to develop right up until the date of the Week itself. This Resource Pack and all the other material on the site is best regarded as 'work in progress'. Check back here and on the main MHF site ( regularly and look out for emails.

Malehealth Mini Manuals 

The Forum's popular mini-manuals will once again be available this year for Men's Health Week. 

These booklets, produced in partnership with iconic motor publishers Haynes, are well-suited to a male audience and large numbers can be produced relatively cheaply. They are usually 16-page/A5-sized but are a very flexible resource.

For more information on malehealth mini-manuals click here.

If You're in Scotland or Ireland

In accordance with the ethos of NMHW, the MHF is working closely with Men's Health Forum Scotland (MHFS) and Men's Health Forum Ireland, where activity will also focus on men and mental wellbeing. However, please note that the MHF is organising NMHW in England and Wales only. 

Events in Scotland are co-ordinated by Men's Health Forum Scotland. For more information visit

Men's Health Forum Scotland

Unit 16

Wellpark Enterprise Centre

120 Sydney Street

Glasgow G31 1JF 

Tel: 0141 550 7515

Events in Ireland, are being organised by Men's Health Forum Ireland. For more information vist

Men's Health Forum Ireland

Mary Sheehan

Manager of Flexible Training Unit

Tallaght Partnership

Killinarden Enterprise Centre


Dublin 24

Republic of Ireland

Tel: 003531 4664280

For other countries click here.

The Evaluation of NMHW

The evaluation of NMHW 2007 has now been completed. (HAVE WE DONE THIS FOR 2008?)

We would welcome your thoughts on the organisation and content of NMHW2008, including this resource pack and other pieces of work relating to the week. You can feed your thoughts back to us very quickly and easily by clicking on the link below:


Contacting Us

As you can imagine, we anticipate being very busy in the run-up to NMHW 2009 and especially so during the Week itself. We will try to answer all enquiries as quickly and efficiently as we can but it would certainly help if you could contact us, in the first instance at least - by e-mail. The address to use is:

It might also be that the answers to some of your questions can be found on our website at:-

or at our sister site:

Finally . . . .

Thank you for your continuing commitment to this important work - and good luck with whatever you decide to do!

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